Introduction to Agile and Scrum

Training Overview

Learn about Agile and Scrum in this one-day course designed to introduce you to the values, principles, and concepts that drive many of the most successful teams in the world. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the “whys” behind Agile and Scrum and learn why Agile is helping teams achieve dramatic results.

Why Take This Training?

For people new to Agile, you’ll learn about Agile and Scrum and what transforming to an Agile environment can do for you and your teams. Understand the “why” of Agile and Scrum with some real-world examples and case studies. You’ll participate in exercises designed to illustrate some of the core tenets of Agile, Scrum, and Lean thinking.

Agile transformations are happening across all industries and understanding the benefits is more important now than ever before. Agile isn’t a silver bullet that can solve all of your team’s ills, but it can make your team far better equipped to deliver actual value to your customers. Scrum is one of many frameworks, but a proven, successful one popular with many organizations. Artemis’ training focuses on providing a firm foundation in the goals of Agile and Scrum and then delivers practical skills and techniques to help your teams excel.

What the Training Covers

This course provides a high-level overview of Agile and Scrum for those interested in learning about the philosophy.

  • Agile
    • History
    • The Agile Manifesto
    • Values
    • Principles
  • Scrum Overview
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • The Delivery Team
    • The Product Owner
    • The ScrumMaster
  • Scrum Meetings
  • Scrum Artifacts

Who Should Attend?

Anyone looking to learning more about agile and Scrum, including developers, product managers, development managers, testers, executives, and project managers. If you are interested in Agile and Scrum and what it can do for you, this is a great class to begin you education.


We offer group discounts on tickets for groups. For groups of 3-5 attendees, we offer a 15% discount off of the pricing (applies to both Early Bird and Regular Registration)! And for groups of 6 or more attendees we offer a 20% discount!

Why Artemis?

Taking your class through Artemis provides you access to ongoing support on your Agile path. Benefits include:

  • Continuing coaching from our staff
  • Access to a participants-only forum to discuss your challenges and get help from our coaches and others who have walked the path before you
  • Discounts on future courses
  • Priority status for on-site coaching and training

You can claim 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for this class (Category B).