Agile and Scrum Consulting

We base our agile and Scrum consulting on the belief that any organization can adopt and be improved through agile frameworks. We work with you to establish a baseline for your organization and your teams. Simultaneously, we work to identify your goals so we can establish specific, measurable milestones and craft a customized plan for your organization. There is no “one size fits all” solution for agile and we tailor our solution to your organization’s strengths. Our agile consulting provides you a unique solution for your needs.

We also use team evaluations to help gauge where your teams are excelling and where we can help provide coaching and guidance to further improve their effectiveness. Teams that trust each other, that are accountable to each other and the product are far more productive than teams that aren’t – we help bridge the gap and help your teams gel as a team, not just a collection of individuals working on the same thing.

Scaled Agile Consulting

SAFe Logo
SAFe Logo

We primarily look at the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for our scaling solutions. SAFe is a proven, publicly-available, widely-used framework for scaling agile and scrum in an organization, allowing your teams to link their deliverables directly to business needs and initiatives. If you are already using another scaling methodology (DAD or LeSS, for instance), we can absolutely work within those bounds. Our consultants are SAFe Program Consultants, leaders in the field, and can provide certified training for those engaged in or leading a scaled agile transformation.

Team or Organization

We can work with individual teams in your organization, providing hands-on, on-site consulting and coaching, or we can work with your entire organization on an agile transformation. We have experience in small teams and large organizations and can help you bridge the gap between team implementations and organizational transformations.

Earth - courtesy of NASA
Earth – courtesy of NASA

We Come to You

While based in Denver, Colorado, USA, Artemis provides agile consulting services around the globe. Our team has traveled extensively and can meet you where you are.